IAOTM: January

Punch Quest

This year, I'm trying some new stuff. Aside from lean and molly, I'm going to start shouting out the games I get addicted to on my iPhone. 

Recently during the end of year AppStore blowout sale or whatnot, I gave loads of games the ol' install. Most notably of which is the stylistic retro throwback, Punch Quest.

It took me a few days to realize what the appeal of the game was, more-so why it got a 93 on Metacritic. The real appeal of Punch Quest is not only punching monsters in the face, stringing up combos, getting coins for uppercutting shit, or riding a laser shooting T-Rex. No, it's the progression. Leveling up your character, buying upgrades, perks, hats (TF2 style) and boosts are what really make the game extremely fun. You also complete quests to earn more coins and XP. 

The game has got loads of character for a side scrolling beat-em-up fiesta, which is noticable once you turn into a gnome or see the game's provided tips. It will aslo keep you playing for a long, long time. It is also made extremely casual by a quick startup, and every potentially never-ending run lasting from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. This game is a lot of fun. And better yet, its free on the AppStore right now. Go cop it!

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