DLC Diary: Mass Effect 3 Recap

"This is it, isn't it?"


When Mass Effect was released in 2007, I don't think anyone knew it would become the fully fledged intergalactic spectacle it was. To me, no other game had the memorable characters, story, and fap worthy environments that the trilogy boasted all the way through. Moments of chest thumping triumph and tearjerkers brought us closer to this series than any other. The initial ending to the game gave me sleepless nights, and I loved it. It could very well remain my favorite piece of published fiction, ever.

Yet, on March 5th, Mass Effect went into hibernation. The last of four story extending DLCs that BioWare plopped in our laps, Citadel, was released at the admission fee of $15. Considering that the full price of Mass Effect 3 with DLC is a whopping $110, the worthiness of this investment needs to be put into perspective.

To get it out of the way, stock Mass Effect 3 was definitely worth it.

1. From Ashes $10

The highly controversial day-one DLC had an extremely bad rep from the get go. People wanted EA's heads on pikes for this piece of work. It delivered two missions and a new crew member, Javik the Prothean for players to utilize.

Javik was not pivotal to the story, the missions were mediocre aside from insight into Prothean lore, but seeing Javik remind everyone just how "primitive" they are was downright hilarious. I got a lot out of the DLC just because of how much I love everything in this universe, but to a casual player, it doesn't need to be owned.

Best parts: new crew member, Prothean lore, Javik carries through all other DLCs.
Worst parts: not enough content, day one bullshit, NPCs weren't blown away enough at a walking fossil.


Worth it? Sadly, NO 

2. Leviathan $10

Part II of the downloadable extravaganza was a lore fest. One of the biggest unanswered questions, "where did the Reapers come from?" was answered. To Mass Effect fiends such as myself, this was huge.

The DLC played out like a detective drama with explosions. Shepard was ushered around from place to place gathering clues on the "Leviathan" and returning to his "base" on the Citadel. It was a satisfying play, and lasted a hefty 4 hours. It would have been consistently entertaining to all players and the climax stuck with me long after I turned off my Xbox.

Best parts: detective Shepard! Reaper origin story! badass moments, cool underwater environments
Worst parts: characters were flat, attempts at emotional engagement came up short

Worth it? YES

3. Omega $15

Omega was a dissapointment. The epic battle for the merc paradise of the galaxy, Omega had the most potential and fell the flattest of any DLC. I expected tremendous war scenes, glimpses of life on Omega, and the impact that Cerberus' control over the station had on its inhabitants. I got none of these, and instead was given a lullaby disguised as a plotline, dodgy voicework, a new Reaper variant that added almost nothing,  a new character, Nyreen who was dull as a doorknob, and a few pretty shots of the station.

I had high hopes for this DLC, and they were not fulfilled in the least. 

Best parts: cool environments
Worst parts: boring plot, boring characters, not compelling

Worth it? NOPE

4. Citadel $15

After BioWare fell flat on its face, got back to work, and made a beautiful product. Citadel was EVERYTHING I hoped it would be.

As promised, I got a heartfelt reunion and farewell to my crew. There was a main quest that wasn't incredible, but ultimately fun. Not to mention that the writing throughout was the best, and funniest of the series. To me, Citadel was almost an homage to the original Star Trek and how it took itself so seriously in subject matter but knew how to joke around. In reality, Citadel was an homage to Mass Effect.

An entirely new section of the wards was opened to Shepard with gambling, bars, meetings with crew, an arcade full of playable games, and a virtual arena with loads of room for experimentation. We got a fancy shmancy apartment on the Citadel and were able to throw a rager or quiet evening. Boozed shenanigans were aplenty and ultimately hilarious. Crew members try to hook up, Krogan try to brawl, and Shepard wanders around from conversation to conversation, spending much needed time with friends as intoxication levels rise. There was enough dialogue and character time in this DLC to satisfy every Mass Effect fan's insatiable hunger.

Citadel was the defining DLC of Mass Effect 3, and in my opinion needs to be experienced by every Mass Effect player.

Best parts: character party! more Citadel! more of our favorite characters! volumes of dialogue!
Worst parts: main quest of questionable quality

Worth it? TOTALLY!

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